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Website Monday: Information for Schools

Published Bernice on Monday, June 13, 2022 12:00 AM

Information for Schools

In today's Website Monday article we are going to focus on how schools can make better use of their membership with us, and we are going to look at 4 main points:

- We will first start by looking at how they can make better use of their membership with us if they only have one of our three standard membership options

- Then we will move on to explore the possibility of having more exposure through one of our Social Media Strategy Packages

- Next we will look at even more visibility when adding Content Writing to the Social Media Strategy Package

- And finally, we will look at how schools can literally outsource their Digital Marketing Department to us and how we will take care of that on their behalf.

Make the most out of your Schools & Agents Membership

At Schools & Agents we have 3 membership options for schools starting from just EUR75 per year! With the basic membership option schools can benefit from having a profile on our website and access to our database of agents. However, it is with the Premium and Platinum membership options that schools can really maximise on their membership with us. And here's why! The Premium and Platinum membership options entitle schools to send us content to publish on our site, social media and newsletter, reaching over 100,000 industry players per month. We make sure to share your content on all the right channels where agents are present, to add links to your school and to tag you on social media. That way, agents can come straight from our channel to yours. The main difference between the two memberships is in the amount of content that you can send us - Premium members can send us one piece of content per month. Platinum members can send us 4 pieces of content per month i.e. one per week, hence guaranteeing maximum visibility every week.

Why not upgrade to a Social Media Strategy Package?

Schools often struggle to upkeep their social media because they are too busy focusing on other things. And we totally get that. It is for this reason that we've decided to help out! We can train you on how to be more efficient when using social media, or if you like, we can even take over this task for you for as long as you'd like us to. This is ideal for those industry partners who are looking to revamp their strategy but might be on a tight budget as of yet. With this package we'll start by reviewing your current channels and optimising them as necessary. We will also provide you with a plan that includes 5 diverse posts, with images, captions and the right hashtags. Moving forward, you will simply have to "fill in the blanks" and replace our content with the one you create, but you'll be able to follow the same structure...and that is always much easier than having to think about everything from scratch.

We also have an option to help you with your Content Marketing Strategy

This option is ideal for those who would also like to start using blogs more frequently. Blogs are an excellent way to improve your Google ranking and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)...and they are also an excellent way to help you create content for your social media. This package will show you excatly how to do this. With this package we'll start by reviewing your current channels and optimising them as necessary. Next we move on to the blog post. Upon agreeing on a topic and target audience for your blog, we will proceed to create it. Once you approve of the blog post, we will create 10 posts for your social media (5 of these posts will be based on the article, and the other 5 will be diverse posts). These posts will include images, captions and the right hashtags. This will give you around one month of solid content for your social media, depending on how regularly you post. Moving forward, you will have the perfect plan to follow in order to retain a solid Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy.

If you'd like us to, we can completely take over your Social Media Marketing for you

This option is ideal for those industry partners who have no time to take care of their Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy. This package can literally have you covered for a whole year if you like. With this package we'll start by reviewing your current channels and optimising them as necessary, like we do with all our packages. Next we move on to the blog posts - this package includes 12 of them, which means you can have 1 per month, hence covering you for a whole year with content for your blog and for your social media. 

The most important thing? The fact that all of these options are way more cost-effective than if you had to hire someone to do this job for you in-house. Why? Because we have the market know-how and the tools to work more effectively and efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line today on to find out more.

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