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The Importance of Automation - Our Dublin Experience

Published Bernice on Thursday, April 14, 2022 12:00 AM

The Importance of Automation - Our Dublin Experience

For the first three days of this week the Intrinsiq team has been in Dublin, Ireland, where we had the possibility to meet some new and existing partner schools. This was a great opportunity for us to present the Intrinsiq product to these schools, thanks to two workshops that were organised by MEI - Marketing English in Ireland. At this event, our presentation focused on different aspects of a school management system, and how the concept of automation can save time which is otherwise spent on menial stuff by the members of staff at the school.

Does automation take away from the human touch?

Some believe that introducing automation might push people away and build a more mechanical relationship, however, in truth, this could not be further from the truth. By having your school management system do these mini tasks that pile up and take much of your time, you are freeing some of your staff’s busy day, hence allowing them to focus more on the human relationships with the main stakeholders.

How is it possible to achieve the perfect balance between getting rid of trivial tasks and focusing on what's truly important?

By having an automated system like Intrinsiq, members of staff would have more time to follow up on issues with host families, for example.  They could use this time to have a proper conversation on the phone or face to face with them in order to gather feedback, rather than doing this in the usual hurried way due to everyone's busy schedule. The same thing goes with students. We all know that apart from visiting your school to study, they are there for the experience, and that would include getting to know the staff who help them feel at home (many schools focus on the idea of a home away from home) which would encourage them to come back and develop their studies further - well, automation will enable you to do just this. 

At Intrinsiq, we really listen to your problems

As always, at Intrinsiq,we listen to the issues that staff members find, and we try to find time-saving solutions that can be automated. As a result of these solutions, staff members are less frustrated, calmer, whilst being better equipped mentally and emotionally to face other challenges that require hands-on solutions which cannot be solved thanks to a computer. Basically, our whole point on automation, which also came out very clearly during our presentations in Dublin, is that whenever possible, we can get technology to fix your issues, so that you can concentrate on those challenges that technology cannot solve.

Admissions, Accommodation and Class Allocation were other topics that came up during our presentations in Dublin

During our presentations in Dublin, we also discussed the admission process, accommodation allocation process, class setup and reporting, and we also explored how automation can help in these departments. However there are more ways in which automation can help a school. In fact we encouraged the people attending our workshops to push forward any issues that they might find in their daily tasks, and that their current system is not helping them with. This has always been the Intrinsiq way, so if you're reading this article and you also have any issues or challenges with your current school management system, which is not allowing you to get through your daily tasks efficiently, do reach out to us on and we can set up a call and aim to find a solution for you.

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