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Business is (not) as usual at IH Newcastle

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

International l House Newcastle/ NE14Languages offers Harvard Managementor courses to our business English clients.

Trevor Udberg, Managing Director comments ‘ There are many great advantages for our Business English clients using the Harvard Materials. While the content is adapted for language learning the student will also receive the highest quality contextualised business content (finance,marketing, sales etc) while receiving language skills support,  monitoring and feedback from our highly trained teachers’.  

Patricia Mullen Executive / Marketing Director comments ‘Over the past 3 years our school has developed a unique partnership with Harvard Business Publishing for our students to develop their skills in this increasingly popular area. This modular course uses interactive resources from Harvard to encourage students to prepare for international business communication while also learning English. We offer our clients the opportunity to take up to 10 business focused modules and on completion will receive a dual branded – International House/ Harvard Business Publishing- certificate at a special leaving ceremony which is great fun and a celebrates a real achievement!!  We strongly feel we have a unique selling point – affordable management courses at a ‘centre of excellence’ in a great location which can be added to a c.v. to impress future employers.’

Harvard Business Publishing aim is to Build, Broaden, and, Refresh Your Skills for Success . Making a presentation, creating a budget, negotiating a contract—you face challenges like these every day. Harvard ManageMentor® includes 13 topics that address these critical management issues and more. Each online topic includes the practical advice and tools you need to succeed.

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