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IH Manchester's Comprehensive Offer

Published Lynne on Thursday, September 16, 2021 12:00 AM

IH Manchester Offer

Learning a language is much more than just a language study holiday.

Yes, enjoying the adventure of living and studying in another country is truly AMAZING. But, this is only ONE part of your language study journey.

International House Manchester delivers a fully comprehensive English language training service; before, during and after. Each student booking an in-person English language course in our school in Manchester is also entitled to the following online classes, absolutely FREE:

1 It's nice to get to know you - meet your teacher and classmates and study with your class for one hour per day, for one week before you leave your home country

2 Don't waste time whilst in quarantine! - continue to study with the same class, on arrival in the UK, during your period of quarantine

3 Full-immersion in Manchester - join the same class at our school in Manchester and complete your course

4 It's hard to say goodbye! So, continue to study with your class on arrival back home in your home country

See how it works here.

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