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The 2nd Salone delle Lingue - IALCA ready to start in Rome

Published Lynne on Friday, October 29, 2021 12:00 AM

The 2nd Salone delle Lingue - IALCA ready to start in Rome

The world of language courses abroad meets in Rome, at beautiful Salone delle Fontane on 27 November 2021, with the 2nd Salone delle Lingue, organised by IALCA, the Italian Association of Language Agents and Consultants. 

Finally, it's back to business! After a forced interruption in 2020 due to the pandemic, the second edition of the Salone delle Lingue IALCA is coming back to Rome to meet the desire for language travel, which has grown enormously among young and old alike during the months of lockdown and travel restrictions.

The second edition of the Salone delle Lingue, organised by IALCA – Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents, will offer visitors - students, teachers, adults and professionals interested in foreign languages - a day during which to meet some of the best language schools from the UK, Ireland, Malta, Spain, Germany, France, Russia... and IALCA agencies, all specialized in language travel. Agencies and schools will be on hand to provide information and advice to anyone wishing to plan a language course or educational journey abroad.

The 2 days formula for the 2021 edition of the Salone delle Lingue on the first day, 26 November, includes B2B meetings between Ialca agents and representatives of the schools taking part in the event. There will also be presentations by the Salone's sponsors.

On the second day, 27 November, the Salone delle Lingue will open to the public with its characteristic formula: at each table, to welcome visitors, there will be a school and an agency, in a partnership that will strengthen each other's image, promoting together the schools’ courses and the services of the agency.

The Language Fair aims to capture the interest of potential students and to give the best image of the study travel sector.

The 2nd Salone delle Lingue will present to the visitors the many different study programmes offered by the Education Abroad sector: from intensive language courses for young people, adults and professionals to internships and work-school alternation, from language courses combined with sports or artistic and cultural activities to those for senior citizens. And, of course, the increasingly popular years abroad, from a trimester to an entire school year.

The language courses abroad sector is picking up again after months of stagnation. However, Italy will once again be at the top of the world rankings for the number of students who each year go to study a foreign language abroad, to follow bachelor's or master's courses, to obtain international professional and language certifications.

According to data from Gaela, the association that brings together the majority of language schools in all the main countries, Italian students in 2019 - the last pre-pandemic year - were by far the most numerous in Great Britain (138,000 students), Ireland (36,400 students), Spain (29,500 students) and Malta (24,200 students).

In total, calculating the other destinations as well, about 250,000 students leave Italy every year in normal times, not only to improve their knowledge of a language but also to have an international experience, which is increasingly in demand.

The Salone delle Lingue organised by IALCA aims to respond to this very high demand for courses abroad. "We call the Salone delle Lingue an EDUday", explains Pina Foti, IALCA president, "an information day dedicated in particular to students, teachers and school managers to help them plan their study abroad experience".

The seminars aimed at teachers and managers will analyse the strategies to be used for qualified and effective training in study abroad.

The 2nd Salone delle Lingue IALCA, under the patronage of MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research - USR Lazio), counts as main sponsor Language Cert and several international sponsorships and partnerships, including British Council, New Zealand Education, Ialc International Association of Language Centres, Quality English, Extenda, Turespaña.

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