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Oh, the Humanities! Why the Humanities are the Perfect Subjects to Study at an Academic Summer School this Year

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 12:00 AM

Studying humanities in Cambridge

Are you a budding Renaissance thinker? Do you believe that understanding the history of the world is key to making the future better? Or that literature and philosophy can help us to understand ourselves?

Every year, students from around the world join us at our British summer school for international students to ask the big questions and dive headfirst into the most exciting topics concerning humanity right now.

Always a popular choice, English Literature & Creative Writing gives students the chance to read some of the most important writing from the past, but also to make their own contribution. Concerned more immediately with the present and the state of the world, Journalism & Media gives students all the tools they need to see the world afresh and share their conclusions in writing or video-journalism, just like the pros. In Global Leadership, we put humanities-thinking right to the test and in Politics & International Relations we expand our knowledge towards the policies and inequalities that inform where the world is now—plus a bit of mock-politicking to get our feet wet!

What makes all of these courses important, however, and what draws them together in informative ways, is the way they remain curious and open, the way they look to the past and to ideas from other places, to try and answer questions still relevant to our world.

The humanities are about humanity and about making the world a more legible, hospitable place for everyone, together. Stretch your discussion skills, your argumentative skills, and take your ideas with you on the road to the backdrop of some of Cambridge University’s most historic colleges, its debating chambers, its medieval cobbled streets, and so much more.

The future is waiting at the best summer camp Cambridge has to offer. Come ponder the big questions with us. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

To get a feel of what studying humanities on a Reach Cambridge summer program would be like, why not hear from one of our past students who studied English Literature with us in Cambridge?

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