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How to Tuesday: How to create the best reels with you in front of the camera

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 9:30 AM

How to create the best reels with you in front of the camera

Creating reels is fine. Sitting in front of a camera and talking is a different story. Many feel uncomfortable doing that (us included!). However, we all need to remember that these are the reels that tend to generate the most engagement and highest visibility. Today we are going to focus on how getting yourself, or staff from your company on camera adds an extra level of authenticity that people out there are craving nowadays. This could be the tipping point to gain more students if you’re a school or more schools if you’re an agent; so check out some of our tips below on how to make the best reels with you as the subject.

Scope out a bright natural light source

When it comes to taking high quality photos and recording good videos, lighting conditions will always have a significant impact on your results.Natural light has a more authentic feel and unless you want to hire an expensive studio that can replicate the cool tones of natural light best find your best window.

Face the light

Never have the light at your back, instead face it so that it highlights your features. It might feel that you’re being vain, but it's important to find the best angle that works for you. The goal here is to make yourself as comfortable as possible in front of the camera.

Set your background

Your background does not need to be elaborate, but a few tweaks here and there will make the whole reel look more professional. Tidy up a bit so there is no clutter and you are the focus of the reel, but do add some accessories in the background that are complimentary to you while still making the background look less bland.

Focus on your Audio

When you’re filming yourself audio is important, you do not want your viewers to strain themselves to hear what you’ve got to say otherwise they will move on to the next reel straight away. If you do not have any microphones you can still get great audio, just make sure that you are close to your phone for clearer sound.

Start filming

Now it's time for the real work to come in, hit that start button and let your audience know what you’re up to; give them updates or some tips etc. Act natural and don’t be afraid to mess up, remember that authenticity is key. Keep to your points but you don’t have to be scripted, the more natural you are the more your viewers can identify themselves with you.

Getting yourself or your staff in front of the camera has proven to increase engagement on social media, so go ahead give it a try, putting yourself out there may be the boost your brand needs.

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