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How to Tuesday: Video Marketing

Published Lynne on Sunday, August 21, 2022 12:00 AM

How to Tuesday: Video Marketing

Ever since the dawn of Youtube in 2005 the relevance of online video marketing has been increasing, with a massive boost in 2020 when everyone was stuck at home due to covid. In fact, in the US only, online media consumption has increased by 215%. We also had the emergence of TikTok that was such a huge success that other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have decided to follow suit and create their own short form video formats. To sum this up, video marketing is not only important but it is now essential to stay relevant in the international education market.

Marketers already understand the importance of this, and since we work in the field, we in turn understand the struggle a marketer faces when trying to convince decision makers that they need to invest in this ‘new’ form of marketing. So, how do you go about convincing these decision makers to take that next step in the right direction? We are sure you have acquired some kickass skills in your field over the years and know how to create a marketing plan that includes prospects, growth expectations and most importantly numbers, but here’s how you can push for more video marketing:

Increase the Chance of Engagement

We all know how important engagement on social media is. The more your posts are shared, the more your content is exposed to the market. As we mentioned before, most social media platforms are now offering a video option and for good reason! Even platforms that don’t have their own innate video platform have seen a difference; video tweets on twitter are shared ten times more than normal tweets and people watch around a billion videos a day on pinterest.

Boost SEO and Conversion

When thinking about video marketing most companies only focus on creating and adding to their brand awareness, but it doesn’t need to stop there. In fact, video marketing is also essential in the sales process. Not only does it help generate more leads (conversion is increased by 80%) but it is also becoming an essential part of the buying process; studies show that customers are 64% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. Another boost is, having videos on your website not only increases traffic but guarantees that a viewer stays on your website longer.

Target Mobile Users i.e. Everyone

It is no secret that most of the population is for the better part of the day on their phone. It's not only a way to connect with others, but eases tasks, work and fun in the palm of your hand. Studies show that around 70% of phone users use the device to watch online videos, with Facebook confirming that it is 1.5 times more likely for users to watch videos on their phone rather than on a pc. That increases your market reach exponentially.

A Great Way to Educate and Build Trust

Video marketing can be very flexible, a lot of viewers look for how-to or educational videos. The options are endless; from instructional videos about your products or services, to meeting the team and customer experience videos. These types of videos show your customers how transparent you are and that you want to let them in and in turn this builds trust.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, in this day and age a video marketing strategy is essential, however it doesn’t have to be a complex scenario. When mentioning video marketing a lot of people might think of studio filmed commercials, however with just your phone and a few gadgets you can create great video content. Therefore, video content is within reach no matter what budget you have. If you’re still unsure how to get started, let’s have a chat!

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