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How to Tuesday: How to Use LinkedIn Analytics for B2B Marketing

Published Lynne on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 9:00 AM

How to Tuesday: How to Use LinkedIn Analytics for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is a top social networking platform for professionals, making it perfectly suited to B2B marketing. To increase your success on LinkedIn, utilising its analytics feature is essential. Here are some tips on what to look out for. 

Types of LinkedIn analytics 

Analytics tools are designed to measure specific metrics, and can be found by logging into your profile and opening your company page. By defining your business’ goals, you can focus on what’s most relevant and make informed decisions based on the data collected.

Useful LinkedIn metrics to track

Here are some of the key metrics which will help you gauge your business’ performance on LinkedIn.


With this metric you can see how traffic to your page changes over time and whether it’s coming from desktop or mobile. This will give you key information about the intent and preferences of your audience, so you can tailor content accordingly. 


Impressions shows the number of times your content has been seen, which in turn increases the probability of audience interaction with it. While impressions can count for the same person viewing a post more than once, tracking unique impressions shows how many new LinkedIn users it has reached. The higher the reach, the higher the potential to attract new clients, which is a key point for B2B marketing.


Engagement rate is calculated by adding the number of interactions, clicks, and new followers, divided by the number of post impressions. It’s worth analysing this as it gives an overall view of how your published content is performing.


Your clickthrough rate (CTR) divides the number of post clicks by the number of impressions. This metric also gives a good indication of which content is working, so you can plan for future LinkedIn campaigns accordingly. 

Reactions and shares

These metrics help you understand how audiences are reacting to your LinkedIn posts. If brand awareness and growth are important goals for your business, these metrics are very useful. 

Written by Stephanie Clark

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