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Highfield and Brookham Schools - The New Normal: School Life During Covid

Published Lynne on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Highfield New Normal

The first half of the Autumn Term has seen several positive steps in the right direction at Highfield & Brookham. Firstly, we were delighted to welcome our international boarders back at the start of the term, followed by all our local boarders a few weeks later, and we’ve also enjoyed a huge upsurge in new enquiries from prospective parents - in fact a 167% increase compared to the average of previous years. Then, after comprehensive research, we were able to purchase our own supply of on-site, fully accredited Covid-19 antigen tests that are able to confirm results within 20 minutes. Great news, which makes operating under Covid far easier for our boarding community and the school as a whole.

However, as living with the consequences of the pandemic becomes the ‘new normal’, prospective parents increasingly ask what daily school life is like for our pupils. How has Covid affected their educational experience? Are they still really getting the full benefit of a boarding experience with us?

We’ve provided some insight into school life under Covid in our latest blog post - see the photos and read the full article on our website.

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