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Benefits of International Student Hosting in the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Published Bernice on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 11:30 AM

 Benefits of International Student Hosting in the Cost-of-Living Crisis

The cost-of-living crisis is a growing concern, not only in the UK but worldwide. As the prices of essential goods and services continue to rise, both international students and hosts are feeling the financial strain. However, amidst these challenges, international student hosting emerges as a viable solution with numerous benefits for both parties involved.

Pros of staying with a host family

Budget-friendly meals: Dining out or buying groceries can quickly drain a student's finances. Host families often include meals as part of the hosting arrangement, not only helping students save money, but also ensuring access to home-cooked, nutritious meals.

Lower utility costs: Living with a host family can mean sharing bills, making necessities like electricity, water, and internet more affordable. However, it’s important for students to be mindful by making simple daily choices, such as remembering to switch off the lights when they go out.

Fewer initial outgoings: Setting up a new home in a foreign country can be costly due to the need to purchase furniture, kitchen appliances, and other essentials. When staying with a host family, these items are already there, meaning students can save on initial expenses.

Additionally, staying with a host family offers students the comfort of a warm, safe environment, where they can immerse themselves in the local culture, improve their language skills, and find the emotional support they need to ease the transition into living in a new country.

Benefits of hosting international students

Becoming a host can be a financially rewarding experience. It’s important to remember that hosting is different to services such as, renting a room, or Air BnB or guest house, where visitors simply stay a few nights for a holiday. On the contrary, international students are serious individuals with long-term educational goals, looking to experience life with a local family. In many cases the extra income can significantly contribute to a hosts’ overall household earnings, by providing…

Steady monthly payments: Renting out a room and providing meals can significantly boost hosts' finances by guaranteeing a steady income guaranteed by Hosts International, taking care of any awkward financial dealings or contracts with students, This can help them (hosts) cope with the ever-rising cost of essentials, including childcare, weekly shopping, bills, or even saving money for something special.

Tax benefits: Across the UK and Ireland, there are tax incentives available to hosts who open their homes to international students. These financial perks can help when tax season comes around.

Flexibility: Hosts may choose who they welcome into their home, knowing they are students from accredited and reputed institutions. Hosts can choose to host for a few weeks, or long-term giving them flexibility of when and how to use that spare room and take a holiday or break in between hosting.

The cost-of-living crisis is a shared concern for both international students and hosts, but hosting can be a mutually beneficial solution to these challenges. Students can enjoy cost-effective accommodation, cultural immersion, and a supportive environment, while hosts can earn additional income and make a valuable contribution to education.

At Hosts International, we specialise in homestay accommodation. Whether you are a host or a student, we are here to help you help with our services.




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