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Great experience at Hispania, Escuela de Espanol, Valencia

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jeroen is a 23-year-old student, who studies Marketing at the Hanzehogeschool, a University in Groningen, The Netherlands. He got the chance to do an internship at Hispania, escuela de español a Spanish language school in Valencia, Spain. Here you can read his story about how it is to be part of the close marketing team that works at Hispania, how his experience learning Spanish was at the school and how lifestyle is in Valencia.


"During the third year of my study I got the chance to do an internship in a foreign country. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to do an internship abroad, for my education I needed to study Spanish, what the reason was for an internship in Spain. But, then the important question came, with city do I want to spend 6 months? I knew the big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but wanted something a bit smaller. Then Valencia crossed my path, I directly liked the city, the modern combined with the old city centre, the city from the lovely paella and the beautiful beaches.


From the beginning, I loved the city of Valencia. It was a big city but didn't feel like it, it kept the feeling of a small city where everyone is welcome. The city is not really touristic so you can still enjoy the authentic Spanish feeling. The city offered everything what an international student is looking for, the beautiful old architecture, a big park where you can enjoy your lunch in the sun or go for a run, beautiful beaches and lots of activities in and around the city. The city offers a lot of different kind of restaurants, but my favourite is the Spanish kitchen, here you can enjoy a traditional paella with a nice wine. Due to this, the city is very accretive for international students, lots of people are doing their Eramus or internship here. This makes it easy to meet new people from all over the world. Because of the big number of students, the nightlife is great as well. During the weekends, it is nice to do a day trip in the province of Valencia, it offers a wild range of activities, from nice hot springs to nature walks or other surrounding cities. Due to the good public transport, it is very easy to go around Valencia, however I preferred walking or biking!


In September 2016 I started with my internship at Hispania, a big new step in my life. During my six months of internship I always felt welcome and appreciated. From the beginning, I felt home at the marketing department together with five colleagues. There was always a nice atmosphere, they helped me with all my questions, taught me a lot about different tasks and cultures. Because the school is growing fast they gave me the freedom to search for work and look into new opportunities in the market. During my internship, I also did languages lessons at Hispania, during the lessons I learned a lot about the company, the city, the culture and of course the language. All the teachers are friendly and helpful. When I came to Hispania, I couldn't speak a word of Spanish but my progress was fast, this because the teacher use different teaching techniques.  I truly enjoyed all the activities that Hispania, escuela de espanol is offering. It was a good way to know the city, the students and the Spanish culture! During the classes and activities, I met a lot of people from all over the world with different cultures, I made a lot of new friends."


Now I need to go back to the Netherlands, I know that I am going to miss Valencia and Hispania. This period was a good experience and good for my development. I had a great time here, I loved to work for Hispania, enjoyed the lessons and loved the way of living in Spain. The mentality of working is so much better then back home. All this made my stay great and I am grateful for the opportunities Hispania has offered me. 

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