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Escuela Montalbán - Outdoor activities in Granada: Hiking

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, March 25, 2019

Outdoor Activities of a Language School in Spain

Combine Spanish lessons in the mornings with a hiking afternoon in Sierra Nevada National Park!

Los Cahorros is a hiking trail in the lower hills of the Sierra Nevada. It's located in Monachil, a small village just 8 Kilometers from Granada's center.

Los Cahorros is a circular trail, that means you start and finish in the same place (near the restaurant). The trail is roughly 8 km long.

We can divide the trail into two parts: the first 2 km through the Los Cahorros gorge and the remaining 6 km where you have to walk up and down the hill to return to the village of Monachil. Theintoamous hanging bridges, the waterfalls swimming spots and the rocks you have to crawl under are all in the first part. The second part starts at the end of the gorge and consists of a return via a high limestone rock track.

Beautiful views, a cascading river that creates rock pools for swimming, narrow caves and tunnels that you have to crawl through or hang off the rock face, walking along the gorge and, of course, the famous hanging bridges made our day memorable and fun!

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