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Hello from Global Village School

Published Bernice on Thursday, February 20, 2020

Global Village School in Thailand

Global Village offers student the chance at a world class education on an idyllic tropical island where the air is clean and the beaches, amazing.  Our school is a registered International school serving up a Canadian curriculum.  This means your courses that you take are the same as you would take if you were to move to Canada.

Apart from the near perfect setting, the school offers you a chance to become fluent in English.  All of our teachers are expert in their field and are certified to teach at the highest level.  They come from England, US, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Koh Lanta is an island, in southern Thailand.  It is a rural setting and a very safe place to be.  It does not have shopping malls or the attractions of the big city, but it does have incredible recreational opportunities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, hiking, biking and beach fun.  Koh Lanta is a huge draw for tourists wanting to experience paradise.  The island is always warm, with only 2 seasons…the green season and the sunny season. 

Our dormitory is brand new purpose built building with a cafeteria, study hall and recreational opportunities on the school ground.  The dormitory will be well supervised by experienced personnel.  The food is a mix of famous Thai food and international cuisine.

One thing that we specialize in is making sure that all students have fluency in English.  Other schools have classes in English but in our school you are immersed in English giving you the best chance of becoming fluent before you venture off to University.

Living in Koh Lanta, provides each student with an opportunity to discover the wonderful Thai culture bring students closer to the ideal of global citizens. 

The program is strong. The setting is amazing.  The cost is MUCH lower than most International School.  We are seeking students who are ready for a life-changing experience.  We are hoping to attract students from across the globe to join us for the next academic year.

Contact us to be part of our team.  You will find it is a rewarding experience.

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