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Getting to know Global College - New Platinum Member

Published on Friday, January 12, 2018

In today's interview we shall be taking a closer look at Global College Malta to find out why agents should get in touch with them in order to promote their courses in various destinations. Global College is located in SmartCity, Malta.


How did Global College start and when was it established?


Global College Malta is one of the top educational institutions offering a wide range of post graduate and undergraduate programmes in the areas of Management, Tourism Management, Accounting and Marketing to mention a few.


Global College Malta has a vast background in Educational Services due to its long history in this area in fact StudyWorld Education Holding owns educational institutions and maintains its operations worldwide. StudyWorld Education established Global College Malta in 2013 in SmartCity Malta, a business hub that attracts students and professionals alike. In this highly sought after area equipped with the latest technology and state of the art classrooms, students attending Global College Malta do not only enjoy the benefits of high quality European accredited education but they also learn in an environment fit for studying in state of the art facilities.


Why have you chosen to set up your school in SmartCity?


As previously mentioned SmartCity is a location that is quite sought after for businesses, students and professionals alike hence it was a no brainer to set up Global College Malta there. In fact we wanted to provide our students with an environment that inspired professional development and growth, a place, which was a business hub and where it made sense for our students seek to develop their competencies and academic knowledge.


In SmartCity, Global College Malta offers high-end classrooms equipped with the latest technology to learn and grow academically. Our premises are equipped with a study area and library where students can benefit from some quite time and a setting conducive to creative thinking, critical analysis and academic advancement.


In your opinion, what are the USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of your school?


Global College Malta offers a number of interesting benefits when reading one of the courses offered here:


- The location is new and modern, hence the College provides students with high technology and an appropriate place to study. WIFI access is available free of charge at the College for both students and college visitors alike.

- In SmartCity the student can also find other amenities such as a gym, coffee shops, restaurants and a relaxing environment conducive to study.

- Students studying at Global College Malta have access to an online library without any extra costs included.

- Students also have access to course material and other facilities related to their studies though an online platform offered and maintained by the College.

- The College offers support in finding accommodation and in any other arrangements necessary when students are seeking to study and live in Malta.

- A 24/7-hour service is offered by the Student Support Officer, who tends to the personal needs of students living away from home such as Medical emergencies, accommodation needs, and the overall wellbeing of the students.

- All staff are supportive, friendly and highly approachable. We have an open door policy so students can come and speak to the staff at any time.

- The College offers a number of high academic quality courses, some of which are also accredited in the UK hence students can enjoy the good quality and island- lifestyle in Malta, whilst still acquiring a UK degree without incurring the costs that may prevail should one decide to study in a higher cost of living country.

- All our courses are vetted and approved by the Maltese NCFHE (National Commission for Further and Higher Education), which can put any students’ mind at rest that the courses are recognised when applying and studying at Global College Malta.


What are the main courses that you offer?


Global College Malta specialises in Management courses. Through our programmes a student can start his/ her journey in Management from Foundation to Doctorate level and be able to gain experiences through internship opportunities, and other work exposure alternatives. Once successfully finished from his/her tuition, students can easily go and work/ study further anywhere around the globe.


Foundation in Management with IELTS English

Executive MBA

Engineering Bridging Course with IELTS English

Executive MBA with specialisation

Undergraduate Programmes

MSc in Strategy, Leadership and Chain Management

BA in Management

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

BA in Management with Psychology

MBA with Services Management

BA in Management with HRM

MBA with International Marketing

BA in Management with IT

MBA with International Business

BA in Marketing

MBA with Project Management

BA in Tourism Management

MSc in Management

BA in Accountancy and Finance

MSc in International Finance


MSc in International Business


MSc in Marketing Management


Why should our agents contact you?


Agents should contact Global College Malta because we are offering a number of internationally recognised courses that can attract students from all around the world. The fees to study with Global College Malta are very competitive when compared to other institutions both locally and internationally whilst still providing a good service and quality education. The success rate of students is high because Global College Malta takes care of each individual student enrolled within the college.


Global College Malta makes sure that students coming to study in Malta will be satisfied with the service provided both in terms of academic and personal support. This will also raise the profile of agents amongst others thinking of studying abroad and this will increase the work of both the College and the agent.


Furthermore the recruitment team at Global College Malta is highly approachable and provides a good working atmosphere. Agents are requested to contact us and speak to us to further learn more on how to work with Global College Malta to build collaborations.  



Find out more about Global College here.

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