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How to Tuesday: Getting your Business ready for 2022

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 12:00 AM

Getting your Business ready for 2022

Last week we started our 'How to Tuesday' column by sharing with you some tips on how to get your business ready for 2022. This week we will continue on the same topic and we'll share with you some more ideas on how you can make your 2022 a much better year! Like last year, our 'How to Tuesday' posts will once again be brought to us thanks to a collaboration between Schools & Agents and our sister-company BaiLogik

Prioritize Content Visualisation

The first important point to focus on in 2022 is to put the right kind of effort into your visual content. This goes for images, social media presence, and especially video. Just like 2021, video content is going to be exceptionally important this year so, whether you are a school, an agent, or a service provider, you need to be aware that visual content must be a priority for you and you need to include that into your marketing plan and your business strategy.

Prioritize Employee Activation

Now this is something totally different. At BaiLogik, one of our pillars of specialisation is Business Consultation, and this leads us to meet a lot of companies who are currently facing recruitment issues, or even employee burnout. Our businesses, and as a result our employees, have been through a very difficult period these past two years and this has taken its toll on us as business owners, but also on our team members. This leads to our point here - the importance of employee activation. Up until now, in previous posts, we have frequently spoken of Employee Engagement. Well, this is the next step up. Your employees are the face of your brand; they are who your clients meet, who your clients talk to and they are the ones who represent you on the phone, by email, face to face...everywhere. Remember that...and invest in them.

Prioritize Conversational Marketing

Conversation is key....everywhere, all the time. When it comes to conversing with clients it is important to remember that nowadays clients communicate across different channels - social media, via chat bots, via email, on the phone, whatsapp...and a million and one other platforms. It is important to focus, however, on the tone of voice that your members of staff are using. 2022 is all about being relaxed, informal yet polite, and available.

We'll be back next week with more tips :)

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