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How to Tuesday: How to get to know your Customers better

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 6:34 AM

How to get to know your Customers better

Do you know who your customers are? Do you know what their interests and habits are?

You may ask yourself, do I really need to know all that? The answer is yes, the more you know about your customers the better you can target your marketing strategy to appease your followers, the more personalized to them a marketing campaign feels the higher the chance of them responding to it.

Here are a few tips on how to get to know your customers better: 

Delve into your analytics

There’s plenty of analytic tools out there, from ones focusing on the social media platforms you are on to the most popular of all Google. The amount of data that is specific to your followers, viewers and customers that you can find on these tools can help you build campaigns that are personalized to them, increasing your chances of getting them to book with you.

Get the conversation going

There are plenty of ways where you can get the conversation going with your followers from surveys to social media. The more you engage with your customers the more you find out what they are all about, what their interests are and what their peers like. So while surveys are important, getting a conversation started in the areas that your followers are most comfortable, ie social media, will get you even more results.

Competitions, Contests and Giveaways

To add more on our previous point, you can either reward your loyal customers by giving them something for free, this is sure to get them talking about you and what a great experience they had with you in the past. Another way of engaging your customers is to run a competition or contest, this not only helps you get to know who your customers are on a deeper level but it also helps your engagement rate to rise, especially if you run these contests on social media.

Always Reply

Whatever reviews you get, always be sure to reply and do so in a timely manner. We’ve mentioned enough times how humanizing your brand is essential in this day and age. Replying to reviews on whichever platform you get them, and replying to them with a more personalized tone will help and humanize your company. New customers often check out reviews before making a purchase, so the way you reply to both negative and positive replies affects their decision making.

Go ahead and give these a try, you’d be surprised at the amount of insight you can get from your customers when you open up to them. 

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