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Global College Malta turns 5!

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

On its 5th year from opening in Malta, Global College celebrated their anniversary at their premises in Smart City.  This celebration brought together members of staff, company officials, past and current students, the media and also Government officials. The morning, despite being unusually windy and rainy, started off with several happy faces, meeting and catching up over coffee before the official event took off.

During one of the main speeches given by Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, Hons. Chris Cardona, a very important factor was highlighted in relation to the importance of personal development and education. Minister Chris Cardona said: “We all must adapt and learn—and, in some cases, unlearn—new ways and practices which affect our sectors throughout our lives. Education remains central to strengthening the human capital base which supports pillars related to skill building and national innovation systems. Lifelong learning is crucial to both economic prosperity and social cohesion” 

Global College Malta want to strengthen this crucial point and celebrate their anniversary with you too.  They are doing so through a Scholarship Competition valued at more than €30,000 from which 5 participants will be able to get a British MBA or Msc, or a European accredited undergraduate or post graduate degree. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Global College Malta on or call on +356 2180 1252 for further information. Registration closes on 20th July and a scholarship exam will be held at Global College Malta on 25th July at 5:30pm. Participants who register and qualify for the scholarship competition will be required to take this test. 

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