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A Taste of their Future Career or University Study with Reach Cambridge

Published Bernice on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 12:00 AM

 A Taste of their Future Career or University Study with Reach Cambridge

Our Reach Cambridge taster courses are mini courses that students can add on to any program with us. Taster courses are designed to supplement and augment a student’s education during their time with us in Cambridge. Students can choose to learn more about an already-existing passion, or perhaps venture into learning something completely new! Whatever students are craving, Reach Cambridge taster courses can offer them an enriching addition to their extra-curricular program.

What courses are available?

When will Tasters Courses be held?

Taster courses are held during all Summer programs, both two-week and four-week programs. Taster courses usually consist of six hours of classes spread across weekday afternoons (after the main classes in the mornings). This means students can maximise their learning potential while still being able to enjoy the excursions, activities and other non-academic sides of the Reach Cambridge experience.

Why should a student choose a Taster Course?

There is absolutely no obligation to add a Taster course onto a student’s program application. However, we would recommend doing at least one to make the most of the amazing teaching available through the Reach Cambridge program. Taster courses will also give students the chance to interact with the city of Cambridge in a different way, as well as the opportunity to meet even more likeminded students from all over the world

In addition, all courses will culminate in a certificate of participation, and some may constitute the basis of experience to put on student’s CV or resumé, to show that students have demonstrated an interest in their taster subject and have started to pursue it with greater determination. For example, at the end of the Community Outreach course, students will be able to mention to schools and potential employers that students completed six hours of community outreach in the summer of student’s own volition. This is also great if students are passionate about something which their current school cannot offer.

Extra-curricular courses show potential future employers and higher education that students have tenacity, curiosity and are unafraid to try new things; that students are committed to self-improvement and broadening their knowledge and skillset. Who doesn’t want to give that impression?!

Plus – they’re all guaranteed to be lots of fun!

Can students do more than one Taster?

Yes, they can! Add up to one taster per week of summer program… that means up to four taster courses if you’re doing a four-week course (i.e. 24 hours of extra knowledge – a full day’s worth! – all without missing out on class or other fun activities). Students can choose a different taster every week to make the most of their time at Reach and explore all of the areas that they are interested in.

How do I add a Taster course to my Reach Cambridge application?

Students can add a Taster course on at the initial stage of submitting an application or can add them at a later stage by emailing

To find out more about the additional benefits when taking part in a Reach Cambridge summer program, visit our website or watch our video testimonial from Amanda, who studied the Young Leaders taster course!

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