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In Italy, Sunday it's FREE at the Museum - Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

Published Bernice on Monday, May 8, 2023 7:01 AM

In Italy, Sunday it's FREE at the Museum - Scuola Leonardo da Vinci

Italy has an immense artistic heritage: our country has a great culture and there are many museums that are worth a visit. For this reason, the Ministry of Culture has launched a wonderful initiative: free access on the first Sunday of the month to Italian museums and state archaeological parks.

In Italy art is everywhere, even in unexpected places. It could be said that Italian cities are an immense open-air museum: an artistic and cultural heritage that spans centuries of history; this precious heritage is kept above all in museums, palaces and places of art.

For this year, in addition to the first Sunday of the month, the Ministry of Culture has added further dates on which it will be possible to visit the Free Museums in Italy. Days of national holiday in which the museums are usually closed but which will remain open this year: April 25, Liberation Day, June 2 for Republic Day and November 4 for National Unity and Armed Forces Day .

Some minor and less frequented museums are free all year round, but the initiative of the Ministry of Culture "Domenica al Museo" allows us to visit the most important museums, archaeological sites and state monuments for free.

On the official website Domenica al Museo you can find the list of all the museums, archaeological areas and state parks open for free and divided by region and city.

Among these we point out:

- in Florence the Uffizi

- in Milan the Pinacoteca di Brera

- in Rome the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

- in Turin the Royal Museums

Already mentioning these four important museums we understand the scope of this wonderful initiative.


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