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Final day at ICEF Berlin 2017

Published on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

After a very busy Monday morning and afternoon, and a fun evening of good music and great company, the final day at ICEF Berlin is upon us. 


Participants started having meetings from breakfast time, at 8:00 am and will continue until 19:00. The overall atmosphere has been a very positive one throughout the 3 days; people who have known each other for years, getting together to renew and disucss partnerships, new connections being made, and participants making introductions between people who had never met. 


The networking won't stop when the final call for meetings is announced but it will go on tonight as various industry organisation will be hosting parties. As per tradition, most particpants are likely to end their evening at the Irish Pub, here in Berlin.


Tomorrow FAM tours will be held. and there will also be the International Education Cup - Football game. If you still need more information about this you can click here.


From our end, we have spent a lot of these 3 days going round capturing moments of this well-known event which we now present to you on our Facebook Page. Tag the people and organisations that you recognise so the networking can continue online!

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