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Featured Organisation - Londonist DMC

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

In this feature we are pleased to publish an interview that we did with Asim Erturk from Londonist DMC, which is the UK's leading destination management centre company, offering the widest choice of tailor made services in every area of London as well as other cities in the UK.


When did your company start and why did you feel there was the need to open such a company?


Londonist Dmc was established in 2013. The Managing Director first arrive to London 10 years ago and found that London lacked accommodation services. There had been a lack in customer service and not enough flexibility with bookings were accepted. Before the establishment of Londonist, the managing director founded a business called United Students of London between 2010-2013. He then expanded the business and wanted to focus on accommodation. Hence, why he found the need to open a company offering excellent customer service with , flexibility, accessibility, quality and reliability.


What are the aims of Londonist DMC?


Londonist Dmc, with years of experience and a student friendly approach aims to provide excellent customer service to students seeking for private accommodation services. We are a company who aims to assist students from the moment they arrive to London until the day they check out. We provide first day assistance, picking them up from any London airport and drop them off to their chosen residence. We aim to consult students in relation to any accommodation or welfare services. As Londonist we also develop and improve our activities and serve all UK visitors as how we would like to be treated with experienced and dedicated consultants, through a smart searchable website and individualised services. In summary, Londonist offers a tailored approach offering its students a customised service, with excellent service quality, flexibility and a variety of options.


What are the services that you offer?


We offer residence in the some of the most prestigious areas within Central London. We provide a personalised service to business people and students specialising in accommodation services, individual and group transfers, city orientation and first day assistance to all visitors.


Who are your target clients?


Our target clients and the main focus is students. We welcome local students and deal heavily with International students from Middle East, Far Middle East and Europe.


How can Schools & Agents members benefit from working with you?


Londonist is a company which works with accommodation accredited by the National Code. Our company is also accredited by BETA (British educational travel association). We work worldwide meaning that we are a company who has excellent networks with international agencies and international direct students which we work with. We are a company which not only offers accommodation but extra services which Schools and Agents members could potentially benefit from.


How has your company changed over the years?


The Londonist brand has improved from being to Its revenue has tripled over the past years. In order to keep up to date with the education sector and industry, we attend the national and international fairs and exhibitions such as ICEF. Our networking has advanced, working with more and more agencies each year with a high ratio of international students increasing. Our room allocations have also increased year by year. 


What are the plans for the future?


Our future plan is to become one of the leading accommodation agencies in the UK and London. Although the accommodation sector is competitive, we are determined to excel and move from being a boutique agency to a more corporate company.  

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