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Feature Fridays: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Florence

Published Lynne on Friday, December 16, 2022 7:30 AM

Feature Fridays: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Florence

Can you tell us something about your school?

The Leonardo da Vinci School was born in 1977 in Florence and from that moment it welcomes students of all ages and nationalities every year.

With 45 years of experience, the Leonardo da Vinci Florence School has been able to improve every aspect of the experience of immersion in the Italian language and culture for its students.

Thanks to the teachers, who have always created and updated the teaching material used during the lessons, the staff who take care of every request of the students starting from the first contact to the last day of school, and to the host families who host our students in their homes offering them even more the opportunity to have a truly Italian experience!

What agents are you looking to work with? 

We would like to work with agents from all over the world and for this reason we work hard with the association ASILS to spread the Italian language and culture and to improve visa issues in those countries where there are still more difficulties to get it.

We are seeing an increasing request from Arab and African countries and would be happy to collaborate in letting students from these countries come to Italy for their studies.

Mention your 3 top unique selling points.

1. Location: located in the historical center of Florence, in a Renaissance palace, with frescoes in the classrooms from which it is possible to admire the beautiful Dome by Brunelleschi. From here it is possible to walk to the main points and the most important places of interest in the city.

2. Quality! Always attentive to the customer, the Leonardo da Vinci School takes care of every aspect: the quality of teaching, always updated thanks to its teachers; the school structure, always improving; the variety of cultural activities offered to students, always attentive to what is already present in Florence and to the cultural innovations it offers every month.

3. Experience: With 45 years of experience, the Leonardo da Vinci School of Florence has improved every aspect of its business: the enrollment, the teaching, the accommodation service and cultural visits. Great of its experience and always ready to improve.


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