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Feature Friday: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano

Published Lynne on Friday, September 22, 2023 9:00 AM

Feature Friday: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano

Here’s a school that we’re sure you’re familiar with. It’s not the first time we’ve mentioned Scuola Leonardo da Vinci on Schools & Agents, and in today’s Feature Friday post we’re focusing on the plans that Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano has for this year:

Are there any plans in the pipeline which you can share with us and our followers?

We constantly work on improvement and expansion of our didactical offer both in Italian language and University preparation programs by developing educational pathways that can lead to the most rewarding and complete educational and cultural experience. 


Will you be attending any industry events where our agent followers can meet you in person?

The pandemic is over and we are ready to roll. Although we always kept in touch with our partners through virtual events, we are so eager to meet them again face to face. In 2023 we will be present at: Mexico/Colombia ICEF Roadshow (March 2023), UED workshop Turkey (April 2023), Alphe conference in London (September 2023), ICEF Berlin workshop (November 2023), Japan and South Korea study abroad events (November 2023). 

 If any of our agents want to reach you, where can they do so?

Everywhere and anytime :) We are always available for virtual meetings on Zoom, meet, or team platform. Our staff is multilingual and it is possible for us to deliver information in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, German or Serbian languages.

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