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Feature Friday: Merrick Prep

Published Lynne on Friday, July 14, 2023 9:30 AM

Feature Friday: Merrick Prep

Check out this week's Feature Friday post on Merrick Prep, where education meets excellence! Merrick Prep is renowned for its captivating learning environment and commitment to fostering holistic development in students. From cutting-edge facilities to passionate educators, this institution has it all. Find out more:

Are there any plans in the pipeline that you can share with us and our followers?

We are looking forward to the growth of the school again with the help of our partners. The plan is to be at capacity in 2024. We are excited to see more partners and families signing up for 2023 and to continue our diverse student environment where we can help each one of them to reach the stars with our support.

Will you be attending any industry events where our agent followers can meet you in person?

WE will be at ICEF San Francisco, ICEF Vancouver and at ILF in Cancun, always can reach out to us and we set up a personal zoom call as well.

If any of our agents want to reach you, where can they do so?

[email protected]

+1 613 298 0259 whats app (Johanna – the rest 😊)

+1 613 297 7442 whats app (Justin – Africa and Asia) 

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