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Feature Friday: Trine University

Published Lynne on Friday, November 10, 2023 2:00 PM

Feature Friday: Trine University

Today’s Feature Friday post focuses on Trine University:

Can you give us 3 adjectives that describe your school?

Supportive, engaging, growing  

Where do your students come from?

62 different countries: 1. India 2. China 3. Bangladesh 4. Nigeria 5. Nepal 6. Pakistan 7. Taiwan 8. Canada 9. Malaysia 10. Vietnam

Which is your most popular course and what do your students like most about your school?

Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS)

Bachelor of Science in Computers and Information Technology (CSIT)

Students like the intimate, practical nature of teaching and learning. Small class sizes and professors who come from industry. They learn not only theoretical but also gain hands-on experience so they are world-ready upon graduation.    

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