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Interview with French in Normandy representative, Christian Gaujac

Published EDU-WorldWide on Sunday, December 23, 2018

In today’s interview we are going to be speaking to Christian Gaujac who is the main connection between French in Normandy and foreign partners. Agents who would like to get in touch with Mr Gaujac, can send us a message through our contact form and we will put you through to him directly.

Who is Christian Gaujac and what is your role at FIN?

I have long experience as a manager of language schools in France and overseas, as cultural attaché in French cultural centers and Alliance Française overseas and as language consultant in different countries. I have been recruited by French in Normandy as the person responsible for building partnerships not only between FIN and the French network overseas but also with local schools, universities and institutions in Normandy.

What aspects do you think students enjoy most about FIN?

I think the most popular aspect amongst students is the family atmosphere, dedicated teachers, dedicated admin and staff, quick integration inside the French culture thanks to our host families and the beautiful and secure environment.

Which markets are you mostly interested in working with?

We are mostly interested in South East Asia, China, Korea, India, Nigeria and Ghana in Africa, Germany, Italy, Spain

Why should agents work with FIN?

The long-term professional manner in building trustful relations, not only on a commercial level but also concerning the business itself: agents know what we are doing and what to present and sell to our future students. Over and above that we welcome agents when they want to visit the school, Rouen and the area. We are also happy offer 1 night in a hotel in historic Rouen and we do our best to make them feel comfortable with us and to get to know us better.

Are there any plans in store for the coming 5 years?

On-line products such as DELF DALF preparation (top 5 sold product at FIN), teachers of French training sessions (1 or 2 weeks), Erasmus Plus programme, International house-training teachers program and diploma for teachers of French as well as more presence overseas where there is a big concentration of teachers of French, such as congresses, meeting, etc.

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