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FELTOM calls for work-study permits and walk-in applications to boost intake of international students

Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

“FELTOM is constantly on the forefront lobbying for a number of issues and is currently exploring policies which tackle accessibility to efficient Visa processes, the introduction for work-study permits and walk-in applications – all of which would give an essential boost to local intake opening up for international students from different markets.”


This was stated by Genevieve Abela, CEO of FELTOM, the Federation of English Language Schools in Malta, at an event launching the 7th ELT Industry Report compiled by Deloitte.


Ms Abela said that FELTOM is very pleased with the on-going collaboration with the various ministries and with MTA in particular, “Although there is still more we can do, we have achieved much and are looking forward with confidence to furthering our relationship and co-operation in the coming months”.


The ELT Industry Report is an important strategic tool that gives a strong portrayal of the state of the ELT sector in Malta to date. It is based on thorough research amongst FELTOM's 22 member schools offering a clear picture of the situation and serving as an indicator of what is effective and what needs to be improved in the sector.


In her introduction Genevieve Abela explained how, “With circa 8.1% of total tourist expenditure and 10.7% of total guest nights this sector continues to be a very valid contributor to Malta’s economy. As always FELTOM tries to keep one step ahead looking towards the industry’s future in the interest of its members. The international scene in 2016 has not been without strife and, as indicated in these statistics, this has unfortunately had, and will continue to have, a back-lash on the local industry. This is why it is important that Malta is prepared to counter this with diversified, unique, and collaborative measures”.


She insisted that it was necessary to reflect on why, despite marketing initiatives both on the part of schools as well as the MTA, other destinations are registering growth in the sector while Malta sees a minimal increase on arrivals, made even less important given the decrease in 2015 and a substantial decrease in student weeks, “Notwithstanding adversity and a constantly evolving international market this industry remains a success story thanks to our member schools’ commitment. FELTOM believes in all it represents and will always push for constant improvement when possible. It will continue lobbying for more support and recognition that will not only benefit our members but also ensure that Malta’s recognition as a destination continues to grow.”

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