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ExSSCitement ahead at Scotland Study Centre (SSC)!

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

I taught at Hijiyama from 1992 till 1999, and I have run their summer English language program in Edinburgh since then. Hijiyama have asked me to give presentations and present workshops on Academic and Business English and also to promote the SSC ‘Caledon’ (Culture and Language Education) and ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ summer programs. I will also give similar presentations in Tokyo, where I worked from 1984 till 1992, and then in Shanghai and Shenzen, China, where I will also present in schools and colleges via the Edinburgh-Shenzen Creative Exchange.


The trip is especially exciting, as I have lived and worked in both Japan and China (1976-77) and this is the first time in many years that I will be back.


On the trip, I'll be promoting SSC's bespoke small-group short courses that run throughout the academic year and over the summer months. Groups can opt for one course, or for a mixture of courses, depending on their specific aims and budgets.


 'English for Business and Employability' courses are for those students who want to gain entry to an English language university or who want to work in an English language business environment. 


On the 'English for Academic Study' course, students learn how to write academic essays, give presentations, and take part in academic discussion.


This course is especially suited to students who are thinking of studying at a Scottish university, since they visit the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and St Andrews. These visits help them decide which university is best for them.


For those interested in business, the 'English for Business and Employability' course helps them develop Business English and other business-related skills. Students also learn how to write CVs in English and how to answer - and how NOT to answer - questions in job interviews.


On the SSC Summer School programs, students can integrate academic and/or business courses with other, more culture-related courses and study tours. This provides a balanced serious-but-fun-and-exSSCiting SSC experienSSCe.


On the 2017 'Caledon' summer program, which runs from June 12 till September 17, SSC students can integrate learning English with experiencing Edinburgh and Scotland.


Students learn English through learning about Scottish history and culture, and integrated study activities involve them in projects in and around Edinburgh. On these study activities, students are accompanied by English L1 (First Language) "study guides," who answer their questions and also includes a trip to the Scottish Highlands, with a visit to Loch Ness and also a breath-taking ride on the famous "Harry Potter" steam train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct.


 The 'Edinburgh Festival Fringe' course is unique as it allows students to develop their English by taking part as partiSSCipants in one of the world's biggest and most exciting of cultural festivals - The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Students can choose to do a variety of performances, either on Edinburgh's Royal Mile as street performers…or to small audiences at Scotland Study Centre. Previous students, for example, have taught calligraphy, given traditional dance performances, done face painting, and taught their own languages.


On the SSC participation-based programs, students don't need to be experts. They just need to get involved, use their English, and enjoy all the exSSCitement that Edinburgh, Scotland and SSC have to offer!




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Article written by: Anne McDonald, founder of Scotland Study Centre (SSC), Edinburgh, Scotland

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