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Event Preview - The ICEF Berlin Workshop

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

It's an annual event in our industry. Any workshop we attend post-summer always concludes with the words "Will I see you in Berlin?" And that can only mean one thing - that if you haven't been to ICEF Berlin, you have to try and be there because it's most certainly one not to miss.


What is ICEF Berlin's forte?


Well speaking from personal experience, as this will be our 5th ICEF Berlin this year, this workshop is the perfect place to conclude a year of different workshops. Why? Because this is the workshop where you get to meet thousands of partners from all around the industry and possibly conclude talks or seal partnerships which would have started elsewhere between January and October.


For new organisations, this is the perfect starting pont. There is certainly no other event in the industry which hosts over 1,000 agents and over 1,000 education institutions in one place at the same time. So if you are looking for new opportunities, ICEF Berlin is the place to be.


This workshop is not only made up of meetings, but it also has ample possibilities for networking. In fact, this is described as: "In addition to business meetings and informative industry presentations, event attendees also benefit from numerous informal networking opportunities including lunches, coffee breaks, a cocktail reception and an official gala dinner. These social events give participants the chance to make further contacts and extend business relationships on a more personal level."


This year, the ICEF Berlin Workshop will be held between the 30th October and the 1st November at the Intercontinental Hotel in the heart of Berlin. We most certainly look forward to seeing you at this point in the year, the question that we started off this article with turns into a statement!


See you in Berlin for #ICEF16

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