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Multi award-winning educational specialists Equinox Education Services join forces with Schools & Agents

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, September 28, 2018

Schools and Agents are delighted to welcome our new member Equinox Education Services, who just last night, were the proud recipients of the Carlow Chamber of Commerce award for Marketing; their second award this year.

Founded in 2005 by Managing Director Noel Doyle, Equinox Education Services is an Irish based organisation that promotes international education programmes and cultural experiences in Ireland and worldwide.

Within Ireland, Equinox facilitates a broad-range of study, academic and cultural options, with programmes that are uniquely tailor-made to suit every client’s needs. The educational specialist has a broad range of clients from high-school students looking to improve their English whilst enjoying activities and excursions in one of their summer programmes (Equinox currently have three Summer Camp centres in Carlow, Kildare and Tipperary), to many overseas schools wishing to benefit from cultural exchanges with their Irish peers. Equinox take pride in making these programmes become a reality with teachers and leaders that are qualified and fully accredited.  

For more information about Equinox’s Summer programmes see: -

In the past Noel and his team has facilitated groups as diverse as touring Japanese High School Choir to Ireland (Mukogawa Girls Junior and High schools choir performing tour of Ireland in April 2017, which culminated in their winning of The Lady Dorothy Mayer Memorial Trophy at the Cork International Choral Festival) to smaller programmes, such as an Irish Christmas Experience for Malaysian students.  All of Equinox’s students are hosted by their large network of vetted, trusted and experienced local host families in safe rural and town settings, which offers a truly immersive experience.

The organisation’s very popular academic year programme is open to students between 12-18 years and is available at a wide variety of fee-paying and public schools. For further information please see: -

Alternatively, Equinox offer students ‘Full Immersion’ and ‘One to One’ programmes, where students benefit from just an immersive family experience or one to one study programme at a school or with their host family.  For parents looking peace of mind, Equinox offer a guardianship service for students  under 18 years old during their time studying in Ireland. For further information please see: -

For older, Adult students (18+), Equinox offer tailor -made adult courses for groups and individuals and partner with several indigenous tourism operators in Ireland to facilitate many different types of cultural experiences and accommodation options.

For further information, please see or contact Noel directly at +353 87 9975625 or via

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