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Equinox’s Irish academic programme is open to students of all abilities

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, November 2, 2018

Equinox Education Services ‘Academic High-School Programme’ is open to students aged 12-18 years who wish to experience school life in in Ireland. The programme is available (for both short and long term students) at a wide variety of schools throughout the country (both public and fee-paying), with whom Equinox personally have long-established and close ties. The Irish educational system is well-regarded for offering a broad range of academic subjects, and the ethos in all our recommended schools is always caring and supportive. Equinox have a policy of placing students with host families near the chosen school or in some cases the school will provide on-site residential or dormitory facilities. The team at Equinox also endeavors to enroll only one student of a nationality per host family so as to provide each student with a real immersive English learning experience throughout their period of study.

Why Ireland? 

With Brexit looming large, it is highly likely that Ireland will be in the unique position of being the only country in the European Union where English is taught as its primary language. That, coupled with Ireland’s famously distinctive culture and warm people provides overseas students with the perfect opportunity for personal development, increasing cultural knowledge, and importantly, the ideal circumstances for learning another language.

International recognition

Ireland has a long and prestigious tradition in providing first class secondary school education and one of the highest levels of university enrolment in Europe. Underscoring this reputation excellence, founder and Managing Director of Equinox Education Services, Noel Doyle, sums up Ireland’s academic prowess accordingly “Having visited over 500 High schools worldwide I am very proud to say that the academic experience offered in Ireland is up there among the best in the world”. He adds “I and my team are delighted to be offer students of all nationalities the opportunity to truly experience school life in a friendly, academic and all-inclusive educational and cultural programme with our full support and assistance“.  

What our students say

Over the years Equinox has been responsible for facilitating, nurturing and caring for many students during their time in Ireland. Below are a sample of just a few of our many testimonials that we are proud to share with you. 

 “When I studied in Ireland, I discovered a new way of appreciating our differing cultures and countries, which shaped a new way of thinking and opened new choices for me. Studying abroad will make you change yourself, and it’s a really good opportunity to make yourself different. I think I changed a lot for the better after I came to Ireland”.

Masaki from Japan, who studied at Rockwell College, Tipperary from 2017 to 2018.  (Masaki is pictured 2nd from the right in the above photo)

“After I studied in Ireland, my way of thinking, my world view, my confidence and my English language abilities developed for the first time. I cannot pin point how deeply each aspect has influenced me, but I think all of these factors have led to a new me. In short, I think studying in Ireland is a fantastic chance to change and enhance your life!”

Pablo from Spain, studied at fee-paying school in Dublin in 2016

“Dear Noel, thank you for everything that you have done for me. I still remember the first day in Ireland. I was very scared as I had no English, but because of your help, I improved my English a lot. I think without your help I wouldn’t be here now. You supported my study and English communication in Ireland. You are just like my hero. Thank you very much for those amazing five years in Ireland.”

Ms Naka, Japanese Academic Student in Ireland between 2010 – 2015.   

Academic Programme Highlights

Equinox offer full support for students on this programme, including: -

- Large range of schools to choose from

- A large variety of locations

- Public and Private schools

- Single sex or Co-Educational

- Full Support Service available for students under 18

- 4 Months to full academic year

- Homestay or Boarding available

For further information about the wide range of Equinox’s Irish Academic Programme and a list of our partner schools please click here. Should you have questions about the programme or our fees please email us at or contact a member Team Equinox at +353 59 917 9340.

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