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ELT expertise at the English UK marketing conference in September

Published Bernice on Thursday, September 7, 2023 5:45 PM

ELT expertise at the English UK marketing conference in September

The annual marketing conference of English UK, scheduled for Friday, 29th September in London, promises a diverse range of sessions catering to a wide audience. This event is set to provide insights into various facets of English Language Teaching (ELT) marketing, encompassing themes like brand identity, artificial intelligence (AI), market trends, and conversational marketing.

The conference commences with a comprehensive analysis by BONARD, focusing on the UK's standing within the global ELT market. It concludes with a session hosted by Nigel Risner, delving into the IMPACT model, which teaches the art of achieving desired outcomes.

Amidst these bookends, attendees will have access to an array of sessions, including strategies to translate TikTok engagement into sales, techniques for transforming parents into effective brand ambassadors, discussions on self-service solutions, and insights into digital marketing strategies. Notably, AI emerges as a recurring topic throughout the event, reflecting its relevance in contemporary ELT marketing. Additionally, there will be specialized updates pertaining to the ELT markets in China and Saudi Arabia.

Siobhan Baccas, the conference organizer, expressed, "We recognize the diverse roles within ELT centers, accommodating both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the sector. Our aim is to ensure that there's something valuable for everyone. The program encompasses traditional marketing topics while also addressing current trends like AI and conversational marketing. We believe this is one of the most robust agendas we've developed in recent years, featuring knowledgeable speakers, many of whom have direct experience with ELT centers and thus possess a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our field. We are indebted to them for sharing their expertise."

This informative gathering will take place at the centrally located St. Paul's etc venue in the heart of London. You can book your place at the English UK annual Marketing conference here.

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