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ELLCI's special offer for Russian speakers: Free student visa help

Published on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

ELLCI Russia Offer

There are more and more Russian students who decide to study in Italy for the sake of the Italian language and culture.

Italy has a great appeal in the cultural, artistic, musical fields and the Italian language is often associated with the "pleasures of life", such as gastronomy, fashion and design, thanks to the famous Italian chefs, stylists and architects.

The pleasant climate, the opportunity to visit the cities of art such as Rome, Florence but also to enjoy the natural beauty of a varied landscape, seaside or mountain resorts, in a few hours of travel, are the main elements that make Italy the most visited country by the Russians.

Most Russian ELLCI students choose an Italian language course for passion but also for personal reasons related to professional growth and career development.

Italy is among Russia's main trading partners and knowledge of the language further promotes business exchanges.

In recent years, the demand for language courses in Italy is growing and is starting to move towards obtaining quality certifications and awards. In this sense, ELLCI is a guarantee of quality and reliability for the consular offices which must evaluate the accuracy of the learning paths in order to issue study visas.

ELLCI is an official CELI exam centre authorized and affiliated with the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Certificates of proficiency in Italian (CELI) certify skills and ability to use the language and are useful for work and study.

ELLCI is a training institution accredited by the Lombardy Region, a recognition of requirements in terms of skills and equipment resources.

ELLCI is a member of Eduitalia, and participates in the P.R.I.A. program, an acronym that indicates the program for the diffusion of Italian culture at 140 Russian educationals, university, academies, and vocational training centres.

As part of P.R.I.A., every year ELLCI offers a 100% scholarship for a two-week course including accommodation.

What Russian students appreciate mostly

In the last four years of reference, Russian students studying in ELLCI are the most numerous. The growth concerns both short-term courses (from one month to three months) and as regards long-term courses that require a long-term study visa.

Russian students find in ELLCI a friendly environment in which to feel comfortable. In particular, they appreciate the guided tours that are part of the Standard 20 program, as Anna, 28 years old from Moscow, reports:

"Most of all I liked the excursion to Fernet Branca Museum, it was very interesting and fun. But I also really like all the lessons with our teachers, they always give us different and interesting material ".

Vladimir, 33 years old, from Minsk especially appreciates the kindness and competence of the ELLCI teachers. The variety of lessons and the composition of the class is the strength that also highlights Yulia 26, from Moscow -“I like the variety of lessons in the classroom. There is never a boring one, but they are very interesting and fun. I also really like meeting many people from different countries and I learned new things from their culture. "

In fact, in ELLCI our students come from more than 100 different countries. Many do not speak English, in this way Italian becomes the lingua franca with which to express oneself and make new friends who will prove to be lasting and deep friendship.

Special offer for Russian speakers: student visa-free assistance

ELLCI offers to Russian students free assistance for the preparation of all the necessary documentation for the application for a student visa in Italy. ELLCI has been cooperating successfully with an agency specialized in immigration services experts in assisting foreign citizens and will be able to follow Russian students step by step to ensure the positive outcome of the practice.

This offer also applies to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The most favourite course of our Russian students

The Standard 20 course is preferred by our Russian students. This course is available all year round, so it is possible to attend the course for one, two months or for longer periods. In addition, the Standard 20 course allows to apply for a student visa in Italy.

Beginner courses start every two weeks, this allows having classes of all levels of knowledge of the Italian language, so students can start every period of the year. In fact, ELLCI is always open!


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