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Day 2 at the 6th ELT Malta Conference

Published on Friday, October 13, 2017

Today we had a slightly later start than yesterday at the 6th ELT Malta Conference.


Following yesterday's tour of Valletta and a wonderful dinner at Aaron's kitchen, the foreign delegates were taken to visit Mdina and Dingli Cliffs. In the meantime, school owners, Director of Studies and people occupying management roles in Maltese schools started walking in at around 1130am for the Business and Management Talk. This session was delivered by Anthony F. Camilleri, who is a consultant on quality assurance in education and a senior partner at the Knowledge Innovation Centre. Mr. Camilleri currently acts as secratary of the International Standard Organisation's PC288/WG1 which is developing ISO21001 - a management system for Educational Organisations. The Business and Management Stream Workshop, which was entitled "Learning through Teaching: IQA Techniques for Continual Improvement" looked at various technology-oriented methodologies which can improve classroom participation, gather quality assurance data and feed into continual improvement processes.


The second session on Business and Management started at 1300hrs and focused on "Solutions for Real problems". This session was delivered by Ivan Bartolo who has been involved in the IT industry since 1985. With over 30 years experience, Ivan has developed into a business leader that appreciates the value of academia and experience in industry. The session focused on differentiating between what people want and what they need, as well as on how to positively influence young entrepreneurs to be driven by passion, but at the same avoid the pitfalls.


After the second session it was time for the official conference opening. Dr. Daniel Xerri, Chair of the ELT Counsil addressed the audience and after welcoming those in the room he introduced Hon. Dr. Clifton Grima, who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Sports and Voluntary Organisations, and Dr. Odette Vassallo who announced the winner of this year's Inspiring ELT Professional Award. The award went to Marielou Mifsud from GV Malta English Centre. This was the 4th consecutive year during which such an award has been given.


The first plenary session of the day was given soon after by a huge name in ELT, Penny Ur. Most of us who have a background in English Language Teaching certainly remember reading and studying Penny's books and publications. Her session today was entitled "Critical Thinking" and focused on how vital it is  for students using English in the 21st century to develop a critical approach to the texts they encounter online and on the important role that their teachers play in getting them to reach this level and adopting this approach.


At the same time, another session from the Business and Management Stream series was going on in another room. This time the speaker was Katya De Giovanni, who has extensive experience in the field of Quality Assurance in Education. The session focused on applying quality assurance to ELT, as well as on how ELT schools should prepare for an audit. 


Next up was the first round of workshops which started at 1530hrs and are just about ending right now (1630hrs). The workshops were the following:


  1. The "Eyes" Have it - Gerard McLoughlin 
  2. It can be done: Implementing Culture into Language Classes - Ayse Onut and Fatma Galatyali 
  3. How to get hired as a 21st Century Teacher - Ian Scerri


The second round of workshops will start after a coffee break and will take place between 1715hrs and 1815hrs.


  1. From Digital Curation to Content Creation - Marisa Constantinides
  2. Tricks with Texts: Bringing Reading back to Life - Alan Marsh
  3. Generation Z: Teaching English through Social Networks - Larissa Albano
  4. Developing Intercultural Competence in ESP Courses:  Agnieszka Dudzik and Agnieszka Dzieciol-Pedich 


At the end of today there will also be a networking reception at Haywharf Restaurant and Clubhouse.


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