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Edex: Covid Chat

Published on Friday, April 17, 2020

Edex Covid Chat

Wow, what a time to be a student on an academic year programme anywhere in the world.  What a time to be anyone really.  Every person involved in the industry is worried about what will be, worried about online classes, marketing, etc.  EDEX don’t have classrooms as 100% of our students are studying in Irish secondary and primary schools.  Our students are learning online with the help of their Irish schools and most are back in their home countries. 

So I was thinking, what can I do? 

I am posting on social media, personally contacting agents to keep them informed as best we can and taking care of the students we have in Ireland at the moment.

Obviously we are going forward with bookings for September and hope that all will work out, our numbers are high but I expect cancellations will also be high.  We are still getting applications and processing them.  No point in worrying about that so nothing I can do there, our agents are happy so once they get students we will get students. 

I see all the language schools doing online classes and it is super, we don’t teach English classes and although I would love to do it I am not a qualified English teacher. 

So again, I was thinking, what can I do?

I like to talk, I don’t take myself too seriously and I really want to do some Zoom or Webex stuff.  I have a mic I rarely use, see pic above J….. So, I am going to contact each of our agents and organize a 20-minute group chat with their students each week.  Each Agent will get their own time slot and whatever students want to join in can, just for a chat to check in and see how they are all doing. Nothing about fees, refunds, etc as that will go through the agents….just a light chat.

I’m going to run a competition each month and the student with the best essay, photo etc will get a €100 voucher – the voucher will be for English classes from the agent that we got the booking form or if they don’t offer classes one they recommend. 

The pitfalls…….MY BROADBAND CONNECTION… I am working from home and it’s not great but I will try…

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook if you want to see more about EDEX. EDEXIreland, that’s us…

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