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Leisure Programme at Cambridge Law Studio

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, August 19, 2019

Cam Law Studio Leisure

When international students think of Cambridge and Law Studio, the first thought that may come to mind is, strict study schedules and complex lessons. Although we strive to help our students get the most of their stay with us, we also believe that part of a study abroad experience is being immersed in the culture of the country. At Cambridge Law Studio, we do this, by providing excursions that allow our students to get a real feel of the lifestyle, not just in Cambridge, but also in surrounding areas.

We work with Travelsights, a local travel company that focuses mainly on trips for international students and also offers the same excursions to all other schools in Cambridge. This means that our students get to meet others, who are also studying in Cambridge, just like them. Travelsights offer, day trips, weekend trips, as well as Sports and Entertainment trips. Monthly programmes can also be found on their website.

As a school, we give the programme to every student, for the time they will spend with us. They then choose which trips they want to go on, settle the payment and we take care of the booking and arrangements. On the day of the trip, a coach organised by Travelsights, picks our students up from a spot close to the college. A Travelsights representative is also present to assist students.

Some of the trips that are most popular with our students are:

- Weekend trip to Edinburgh

- London Theatre trip

- Salisbury & Stonehenge visit

- Greenwich Cruise

Apart from these excursions, we also take our students on a trip that is more specifically connected to students who are studying Law. The trip to the Old Bailey, which we posted about last month, gives a better feel of what Legal English really means, and it is part of the learning process that students at Cambridge Law Studio get.

If your students want to know more about what they can see while studying in Cambridge, feel free to contact us on

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