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CELTA Courses at IH Cape Town

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, July 6, 2018

In today's article we are going to meet Wiebke Fiallo, of of the CELTA Trainers at IH Cape Town. Wiebke will be sharing her experience with us and in that way you will also find out more about what it takes for a school to run an intensive course such as CELTA.



Teacher: Wiebke Fiallo

Teaching for: 18

Qualifications: CELTA, DELTA, IDLTM

Position at ih Cape Town: Director of Studies (10 Years), CELTA trainer and CELTA assessor.

Languages spoken: English, German and Afrikaans.

Hobbies: Reading, Fitness.

You are a trainer at IH Cape Town on the CELTA Course. How long have you been doing this and what has your experience been like so far?
I have been a CELTA trainer for 8 years and it has been a great experience for me. I enjoy the process of supporting candidates and seeing their planning and teaching skills improve, and their confidence grow, from week to week.

What feedback do you get from CELTA trainees on the course?
Feedback from trainees is very positive on the whole. They habitually comment on the intensity of the course (though this is the case no matter where one does the course), but a lot of them also comment on the fact that they were amazed by how much they learnt in a relatively short space of time. Trainees are also very appreciative of the level of guidance and support they receive from the trainers at ih.

Why do people in general come to Cape Town to do their CELTA?
Many of our international trainees say that they chose Cape Town because of the location and cost. Some have also said that they chose to do their course away from home so that they could focus fully on the course and not be distracted. Apart from local trainees, we get candidates from the US, UK, South America, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Having a mix of local and international trainees helps add a great dynamic to our courses.

How long is the course and what is it made up of?
Our course is 4 weeks long and integrates methodology and teaching practice. Each trainee has to do six hours of observed teaching practice, with feedback on each lesson. Assessment is continuous and based on the progress made from lesson to lesson and trainees are assessed on: (a) their lesson planning, (b) their teaching practice, and (c) their written assignments.

Why should potential CELTA trainees come to you to do this course?
We have a strong and dedicated team of trainers here at ih Cape Town who are committed to trainees' success on the course. Our aim is to have our trainees do the best they can on the course and have a positive learning experience at the same time. Our centre is also situated in a wonderful location, very close to the beach, and within walking distance of accommodation establishments, shops and other amenities.

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