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Becari Conzatti Language School: Come to Oaxaca and find CHAPULINES, NICUATOLE, QUESILLO!!!

Published on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Becari Oaxaca Chapulines

When you come to study Spanish at our school, Becari Conzatti in Oaxaca, Mexico, you will also be so fortunate to be in this beautiful city and eat all its wonderful and unique food.

You must try CHAPULINES (grasshopers), NICUATOLE (an indigenous dessert) and QUESILLO (string cheese)


We have them in different sizes: small, medium, big, very big, etc.  Many different flavors:  lemon, garlic, spicy, very spicy.

You will find them in the local markets in big baskets.

You can eat them in a “taco”, or with “guacamole”, we even have “Chapulines pizza”!


It is a traditional  Pre-Colombian Oaxaca dessert. It is white and red on the top. It is made with corn, cinnamon and sugar. It can be made with milk or water. It has a gelatin texture and looks like jelly.

It is delicious.

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