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A successful season for Brooklyn School of Languages’ unique English Outdoors concept

Published Bernice on Thursday, September 29, 2022 7:19 AM

A successful season for Brooklyn School of Languages unique English Outdoors concept

Brooklyn School of Languages was nominated as ST Star English School – North America at this year’s ST Awards. For a small independent school running an innovative and somewhat niche program, it was a high honor to be a finalist in that category.

Our concept of classes outside of the classroom was a success this year as it offers an innovative take on the traditional language course. It is specifically designed to fully immerse students in NYC life and culture, giving students the unique opportunity to practice their English in authentic NYC settings, and live like a local. Why stick yourself in a room with 4 walls and a board when you can sit in a cool, fun space, outdoors or indoors, in the heart of the beating city?

With English Outdoors, the city is the classroom! Students learn in places such as Bryant Park, Dumbo, Industry City, Essex Market, Madison Square Park, and more, allowing them to learn English and make the most of New York at the same time. We teach in small groups of maximum 8 students, in well-researched locations offering easy access and comfortable seating as well as plenty of opportunities to sightsee after class.

This interactive language tourism experience also includes weekly class field trips to museums, cultural centers, historic neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and more! There are both indoor and outdoor locations so that we can guarantee our lessons every day, whatever the weather.

By choosing English Outdoors, students can also make a positive impact on the environment, taking advantage of natural sunlight and airflow rather than being inside and using artificial light and AC! This makes our English language program the most sustainable, eco-wise choice for students.

English Outdoors is perfect for students – adults, juniors, and school groups – traveling to the USA on a B1/B2 tourist visa or ESTA, and who have an interest in combining English lessons and discovery of New York City.

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