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Burgundy School of Business: Signature of a Unique Partnership with Mcgill

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Burgundy School of Business: Signature of a Unique Partnership with Mcgill

From the start of the new term, 30 students will be able to spend one semester of humanities each year in Montreal, in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Starting next year, some 30 second-year BSB MGE students, rigorously selected, will have the opportunity to spend a full semester on the campus of McGill University in Montreal (Canada). Called "BSB  Humanities  ", this semester will allow them to take courses in sociology, political science or philosophy among 40,000 international students from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The major objectives: to reinforce the preparatory classes continuum and to develop students' intellectual openness, essential to understand the complexity of the world.

BSB  Humanities , a semester of continuum and excellence at McGill

In the fall of 2020 from 20 to 30 students who joined the MGE BSB in September 2019 will spend a full semester in the Faculty of Arts from the prestigious McGill University (ranked 70 thWorld University in Shanghai Ranking 2018), in under a single partnership agreement and without additional tuition fees. They will attend five courses alongside students from the departments of  Arts History and Communication Studies ,  Economics ,  Philosophy ,  Political Sciences  or  Sociology . They will be selected by BSB on the excellence of their academic results and their English scores.

This semester will be mainly aimed at pupils from preparatory classes and will thus contribute to the continuum to which BSB is particularly attached. These students will be able to pursue their openness to the humanities, engaged in preparatory classes, while benefiting from a remarkable intercultural experience, by enriching themselves with new visions of the world and society, and by discovering new pedagogical and collaborative methods, particularly developed at McGill University.

Understand the complexity of the world and become an actor of change

This new model is part of the implementation of BSB's MGE transformation. "  In an increasingly complex and constantly changing environment, BSB is committed to strengthening the general culture and intellectual openness  ," explains Stephan Bourcieu, CEO of BSB. "  Beyond the management courses that remain essential for the training of expert managers, BSB deploys a device to give its students all the keys to understanding complexity, understanding the world to come, adapt to it and become an actor of change. .  "

In addition to the BSB Humanities semester   at McGill University, BSB students will also be offered a Philosophy of Management course and a reinforcement of training courses through research. Next year, they will also benefit from a series of high-level conferences, "Meet-Up Inspiring Leaders", with 2012 Nobel Economics Prize winner Alvin Roth (after Muhammad Yunus's visit in February). last) of Guillaume Gibault (The French Slip), Raphael Enthoven (philosopher) or Adrien Aumont (KissKissBankBank).


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