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Who is BETC Malta?

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Everything has to begin somewhere…

Actually, most things have two beginnings. The first is an idea – a realisation that there’s a something-shaped hole where there could actually be… well… something. Ideas evolve, and what starts out as a scribbled phrase on a scrap of paper can, if mused and mulled over long enough, end up as a spiral-bound notebook bursting with page-markers, to-do lists, mind-maps, pie-charts and graphs, and pencilled-in thoughts running along the lines of ‘can it be done?’ and ‘how?’

Take BETC Malta, for example.

The idea is simple enough. The ‘BE’ part stands for Business English. There are a plethora of business people out there, all with their own ideas and spiral-bound notebooks, and for many, having the right linguistic skills to get those ideas across sits at the very top of the to-do list. Unfortunately, crossing this item off the list is not always as easy or as straightforward as it should be…

Many language centres offer Business English courses, but just as many again offer it almost as an afterthought… a postscript at the bottom of a syllabus dominated by General English. As a result, this doesn’t so much fill the something-shaped hole, but emphasise that it’s there.

And that’s where BETC Malta comes in.

At BETC, we provide workshops in Business English to small groups of business people aged twenty-five and over. We believe in flexibility, which is why, rather than a fixed syllabus, we work within a framework that allows for plenty of opportunistic training and individual attention, and encourages the exchange of ideas. We focus one hundred percent on the language of business, and we have worked hard to ensure that our prices are competitive, and that not only do our clients get what they pay for, but also, when the course comes to a close, that they are glad to have done so.

Most things have two beginnings, and the first is an idea. The second is bringing that idea to life, and getting it out of the spiral-bound notebook and into the real world.

In this case, the real world is behind the doors of the Boutique Hotel Juliani. Conveniently located in the heart of Spinola Bay, the Hotel Juliani boasts a well-equipped and comfortable boardroom which can happily accommodate a small group and provide the perfect learning environment – quiet enough to concentrate, and central enough to not waste time getting there.

For all those interested in applying for a course with BETC, bookings will be open from the 1st of August onwards…

For more information & details on how & where to book, please visit our main page … or call us on +49 152 52 33 05 12 / +356 9948 6817.

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