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Intrinsiq Support: Tracking Agent Commissions

Published Bernice on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 12:00 AM

Tracking Agent Commissions

Tracking agent commissions is a very important tool to have in your school management system, especially if you want to avoid the nasty surprise of a commission bill popping out of nowhere. At Intrinsiq, we’ve made this feature so easy to use, that any school who implements it can rest assured that the only surprises they receive are positive ones!

How does Intrinsiq help with tracking Agent Commissions?

The first thing you can do on Intrinsiq is that you can set up agent profiles including all the info you might need such as - contact info, commission rates etc. Once the booking is completed, you will automatically know how much you owe that particular agent.

How does Intrinsiq manage to actually track the commission a school owes an agent?

Intrinsiq accurately tracks commission rates on each student, and easily posts this commission to an agent’s account once it is valid. The Intrinsiq system also helps track payments to agents for commission and allocate against individual students.  That way, this system instantly generates a statement reporting the payment that has gone out to one or multiple agents. 

Does Intrinsiq support sub-agents?

As a system, Intrinsiq also supports sub-agents keeping their own commission or transferring commission rates to parent agents.

Can a school that is currently using a different school management system benefit from this efficient tool?

The amount of flexibility that the system has, allows for Agent Tracking and Agent Commission Handling to be done in the most efficient and effective of ways. Remember that no matter what system you are using, Intrinsiq can import data whilst allowing you to continue working on your old system during the transition period. That way you can rest assured there will be no hiccups while you are changing from one school management system to the other.

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