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Accounting made Easy with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 12:00 AM

Accounting made Easy with Intrinsiq

Many school management systems focus on the areas of Bookings and Class Allocation, however, when it comes to Accounting a lot of schools use a variety of different systems which they would have probably started using when they first set up their businesses. For this reason, members of staff often complain that it can get quite complicated to do Bookings and Accounting separately since, in real life, these two departments within the school operate very closely. At Intrinsiq, we’ve eliminated this issue and it is now possible for your Accounting software to be integrated with the Intrinsiq school management system to make things easier for you.

How does it work?

The answer is very simple. Payment entries are done as usual by the accounting software, so that would not disrupt the usual accounting work. When integration with an accounting software takes place, the software in place pulls data out of the invoices to save it within the system. 

On a daily basis, Intrinsiq pulls up the data, hence showing those full or partial payments that were done against certain invoices. That way the system provides a seamless flow of work and it also saves the accounts department lots of time in recreating new invoices unnecessarily.

It also involves the unnecessary back and forth communication between one department to another with silly questions, such as, "Has client A paid the deposit so I can assign accommodation?"

Which accounting software can Intrinsiq integrate with?

Intrinsiq can integrate with Xero as well as the majority of Accounting software out there on the market. We would highly recommend that you get in touch with us to tell us what software you are currently using, so that we can check and confirm that it can be integrated with Intrinsiq.

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In short, Intrinsiq can pull data from pretty much any system that you use, and integrate it with or migrate it to Intrinsiq.That way you need not worry about losing any valuable data or information...and you only focus on what matters the most, i.e. your students!

For any matters related to School Management Software Systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on to set up an appointment.

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