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A Door to Italy: A New Year in a Vibrant City

Published on Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Door to Italy Genoa

Genoa is ready to enter the 20s in great shape! After a unique “tricapodanno”, a 3-day party to celebrate the 20s, the city warmly greets tourists with a sunny and warm January. Enjoy the afternoons in Porto Antico, stroll along via San Lorenzo and have a look at the interesting and curious exhibitions in Palazzo Ducale. The noble heart of the city hosts Bansky, the mysterious artist that is on everyone’s lips: A genius? An artist? A provocateur? A terrorist?

Genoa would like to wish Alfred Hitchcock “Buon compleanno – Happy birthday!”, as he would turn 120 years in 2020. An interesting exhibition takes place in Palazzo Ducale with a curious part that deepens the connections between the art director and our city. Not everyone knows that a scene of “The Pleasure Garden” is shot in the harbour of the city.

Then, for a perfect day in the city, walk down in via XX Settembre, sales have just begun and you can find the best prices for bags, trousers, skirts, t-shirts… and if you are hungry just few steps from the shops you can stop in MOG ,the new mecca of the street food in the city.

Not only a year rich with surprises in the city!

Last weekend a stunning new aperitivo place, Scalinata Borghese, opened in a liberty framework after years of forgetfulness. This place perfectly reflects the philosophy of the city: a modern look preserving the glories of the past.

And if you want to really live the city like a Genoese, come to our school “A Door to Italy” to learn how to bargain at the markets, how to order a pasta al pesto in a nice restaurant in the centre and discover some hidden treasures of Cristoforo Colombo’s city. Join us and the interesting free-time activities of the school!

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