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Schools & Agents turns 10!

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Every day is a milestone, especially when running a business. However, a 10th anniversary is a special one and this is what we are celebrating at Schools & Agents. As many of you know, S&A did not always belong to Lynne and myself, so today we have decided to take a trip down memory lane to look at what happened 10 years ago. And who better to tell us about this than the company's own founder Marcus Bader?!


As I spoke to Marcus about this I could immediately feel the nostalgia in his tone: "I remember the day we launched the site like it was yesterday. I had moved to Italy with my ex and we celebrated in a sunny park in Ravenna, popping a bottle of champagne and take-away food. It was a good day!"


I asked Marcus about how he had decided to start the company and where the idea came from. "After a few years of running LanGo, a language travel agency based in Malta, my business partner Johan Siggesson, and I really lacked a place on the internet that provided up-to-date news about the sector we worked in. We did some research and found out we were not the only people missing a site like that. A couple of meetings later we had a proper idea of how we could make a site that focused, not only on industry related news but also worked as a market place for language schools that wanted to promote themselves towards agencies around the globe - a vast directory where agents could find out information about future partner schools. And that is how the idea for Schools & Agents came about."


Said like this it sounds easy, however it was no walk in the park. In fact, Marcus continues, "I would lie if I said it was easy. Starting a new business is always hard but it really helps when you are familiarized with the industry from the beginning. was launched in spring 2008 and at that point an interesting journey begun."


I joined the company as a Sales and Business Manager in 2011. I also remember the day like it was yesterday. Back then I couldn't comprehend how I could work with a colleage I had never met in person, in an office that was often my bedroom in my parents' house (where I was living back then). But I got used to it...and this was the second step in the Schools & Agents adventure. Marcus remembers this too :) "Bernice, one of the current directors started as a part-time employee 2011. She had a lot of ideas and also further input from a school perspective."


This arrangement went on until March 2015. "A few years later I decided it was time for Bernice and her sister Lynne take over the business in order to take it to another level and implement their ideas to grow further." And just like that, Schools & Agents continued to grow. We speak to industry professionals on a daily basis to monitor the direction in which the industry is going and to be prepared for all the changes for the benefit of our clients. We attend workshops around the world throughout the year and this enables us to meet people face to face, to continue to promote this industry we've grown to love so much, and to catch up with those who, by now, have become our friends.


Sometimes I find myself watching the news and seeing all the challenges that the world is facing - including lots of hatred, and then I remember that I work with people from (quite literally) all around the world...and I truly feel blessed. Sometimes people ask us "Where do you see yourselves in the future?" The answer comes naturally to us. "Right here. In an industry we love, with people we love, doing a job we love."


So, as we get ready to make our way to the airport for yet another trip, we raise our glasses to our first decade as we look forward to the next 10!

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