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Why Learning English Is A Dreaded Chore For Some Students

Published on Monday, May 8, 2017

As an English language school in Hawaii we know all too well not all students love coming to class, or even have the desire to learn the most spoken language in the world. Lots of people love other subjects such as art or history – but English, not so much. Why do some people abhor this subject? We have a few answers.


For some students, it isn’t their choice to learn English. When a subject is mandatory, it takes some of the fun and challenge out of the equation – especially if the primary or only tool for learning is a textbook. Today, it’s important for teachers to provide various methods and tools that are more personalized to each student’s needs so the experience is more engaging and interesting. Textbook instruction, or going “by the book,” was typical 30 years ago – not so today, given the resources available (e.g. the internet).


English is a boring subject. There’s a difference between learning a language and acquiring it. Of course it’s boring to sit in the classroom and fill out page after page of worksheets about grammar, nouns, adjectives, etc. It’s also boring to repeat, repeat, repeat until you go cross-eyed. Learning English, or any language for that matter, should be a skill we acquire by practice in and out of the classroom, not taught as a subject like algebra. There’s a difference between learning and acquiring, and students will actually enjoy getting a grasp on the language by using it in everyday situations.


Students often have “learner anxiety” and are easily embarrassed in the classroom. We all know that students are different, regardless of the subject. Some learn fast, others go at a slower pace. Some naturally pick up on English quickly, while others have a hard time. Being forced to speak inside the classroom can be extremely stressful and embarrassing for those students who are not as fluent as others. Teachers should be more understanding of students who are anxious and not quite up to the level of other learners, giving them the time they need to feel comfortable speaking a new language in front of others.


These are a few of the reasons some students find learning English one of the most dreaded chores they could possibly face. The truth is, many students also love learning the language, if they have exceptional teachers who provide them with the resources and focus on making learning fun while taking a more personalized approach to individual needs. No two people learn alike!


If you want to have fun while learning the most exciting and essential language in the world, ICC is an English language school in Hawaii providing more than 25 years of excellence to students of all ages.

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