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OUK Delivers An Accredited-Certified Training Degree in Cruise Planning (CP)

Published on Wednesday, July 19, 2017



OUK is highly distinguished from other universities and training colleges in Accredited-Certified Training Degree in Cruise Planning (CP).


This exceptional course is usually taken online by e-learning.


After you attain our internationally recognised Bachelor degree you may proceed towards your Master or Doctorate degree by guided research, which we explain below.


What is ‘Guided Research’ (GR) 


GR is our distinguished approach to advance learning whereby we guide you to study and research specific material (core modules) which we provide to you, after which you are requested to answer review question from your core modules.


Subsequently, you have to submit a suitable thesis or dissertation to receive your precious degree from us.


We guide you and hold you all the way until you succeed and your personal tutor will do everything possible to guide toward success.






This exciting, dynamic, provocative, and highly interesting training course covers:-


- How to initiate and design CP business successfully


- Integrate CP with other systems for productivity and efficiency


- Develop a successful CP business that delivers performance


- Define CP metrics or KPIs that can be measured


- Conduct CP SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity. Threat) analyses


- Cater for change management in the CP business


- Motivate, educate and innovate the CP business


Key topics


Thigs that you will learn includes:


- How to select a new cruise route and places to visit


- How to assess the viability of such a cruise route


- How to evaluate the competition and current passenger options


- How to determine the expenses to run cruises


- How to determine prices to charge passengers


- How to handle logistical and other issues


- How to handle passengers and passenger complaints


- How to offer value for money and attract passengers to come back again and again


- What are the health and safety regulations and how they are enforced


- What are the other relevant marine regulations and how they are enforced


- What is cruise ship hospitality and how and why it is not the same as an on land hotel hospitality


- How to communicate with others


- How to deliver presentations


- How to write reports


- What to do when things go wrong


- What are the operational/safety aspects of a cruise ship


- How to coordinate and integrate catering and hospitality


- How to train cruise ship staff and managers


- How to handle Human Resource Management (HRM) issues


- How to manage Personnel Development and welfare




Intended audience


- Any person interested in CP from within the travel industry


- Any person interested in CP from outside the travel industry


- Any person who wishes to enhance his/her career prospect


Degree award


Successful graduates will receive our internationally recognised Bachelor of Commerce degree in CP – designated as B.Com(CP).


Accreditation and Formal Recognition of Our Training Courses:


For more information about our Accreditation and Credentials visit our web page:

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