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Diving, Swimming, Robotics and the 2018 European Capital of Culture

Published on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Diving, Swimming, Robotics and the 2018 European Capital of Culture - this is what our Saturday at the Dive and Network event in Malta was made up of.


The day started with a dive for some and a swim or a snorkel for others after which we all met for lunch. A networking session lead by TrainingMalta which involved Robotics, and a lot of enthusiasm on our part, followed. We not only got to mix and mingle but also to program Desh (the robot) and get him to follow commands. It was a super-interactive session filled with fun, and possibly too much noise and excitement on our part!!


The evening took us to Valletta, Malta's Capital City and the 2018 European Capital of Culture. We, once again, met Anna, the tour guide who took us through the narrow and picturesque roads of the city whilst telling us about all the stories of all the cultures and people who tried to make Valletta their own over the centuries. The tour ended in front of the simple facade of St. John's Co-Cathedral - a facade which hides one of the world's most beautiful churches (in my not-so-humble and very biased opinion).


Next up, was a lovely dinner in one of Valletta's livliest streets - Strada Stretta...and then it was off to bed for some, and off dancing for the more adventurous of us. Let's just hope everyone's had enough rest....because this morning we're off to Gozo! Stay tuned for live updates from the Dive and Network Event!


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