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My time in gastronomic richness of South Africa

Published on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eight o’ clock and my phone reminds me loudly that today is the day – we are heading out to Cape Town City. It is warm enough outside to wear a thin jacket and a t-shirt, despite being winter. A glass of milk with muesli, and off we go!


My phone is ready to take photos before we even get in the car, with the SD card clean in order to have space enough to fill it with amazing pictures of Cape Town and its beauties. The red, topless tourist buses are the best way to get a general overview of the city so, after paying our tickets, the real trip starts… gardens, churches, skyscrapers, the 17th century fort, the city hall and the Houses of Parliament, all before 2pm.


I had no idea about the gastronomic richness of South Africa, so I was really amazed to see how many types of restaurants we have to choose from and how open-minded Cape Townians are about foreign fashions, despite being so far away from…everywhere.


At 4pm the bus took us through the higher-lying neighbourhoods of Cape Town to see some of the panoramic views of the City before crossing over the mountain to the little southern Atlantic bays. Rows and rows of high-income houses are situated here in some of the best natural landscape I have seen in my life – great waves hit small beaches protected by thousands of metres of golden granite mountainside.. It seems like “El Dorado” when the golden sunshine hits the cliffs.


Written by: Ángel Bernal - High School Integration Student  South Africa

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